Points of Interest...


A club experience is the sharing of knowledge and friendships. SRW has over 100 members contributing a unique perspective and talent to RC Flying.  Collectively, there is a thousand years of experience available to be tapped.  Senior members offer advice and experience not available in books, online forum, or You Tube videos.  

Sharing a flying space can be challenging. One of the many goals of SRW is to promote safety.  As RC flying evolves, there are many types of aircraft each demanding a specific airspace and flying pattern..

SRW sets up flight lines, spotters,  and enforces specific durations for flight times in order to share the field and better manage pilots and their aircraft.

Along with the fun of flying,  SRW members volunteer to groom the field, plan events, and conduct business necessary to keep the club active & alive.  Every executive director has a function, from managing funds, to keeping the club in good standings with the Parks Department and the AMA.  There is not a day that goes by when a club member is doing something to improve the group's flying experience. 


If you are interested in RC flying, or unmanned aerial systems (UAS) in general, travel to Calvert Vaux Field in Brooklyn and give us a visit.  Also, visit us on Facebook.