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Seaview Rotary Wings, Brooklyn NY.
|   April 24, 2018

Happy and Safe 2018 Flying Season!!

Starting December 2017 All aircrafts must be register with the FAA.

Our Club Mission Statement

Seaview Rotary Wings (SRW), Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) Charter Club #3884 is a group of individuals whose interests are singular, the love and enjoyment of building and flying Model Helicopters.  We invite and encourage all who shares our interests; as well as those who are currently exploring our great hobby only to become familiar with it’s various aspects, i.e Scale, FAI, 3D as well as Sport Flying.

Our Keys to Success

Treat each other with respect, regardless of sex, race, creed, age, color, sexual orientation or national origin.
Be loyal and support the AMA and our club with your time and talent
Assist other club members with hobby related projects, without expecting monetary compensation.
Be an informed member, attend meetings, follow the forums and check our webpage regularly
Respect the flying time and space of others, be friendly to guests (whom might be your next club member).
Above all Fly Safe and Fly Often.

Our Current Executive Board Members

David Yuen        President
Roman Pirozek     Vice President
Leo Garcia        Treasurer
Tim Crowley       WebMaster / Admin
Tino Mauro        Safety Officer
Tony Garofalo     Field Marshall



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